Christ Community Church
Saturday, October 21, 2017

Are you stressed or weary?

Do you need someone to help carry your burdens?

The Under-Shepherd ministry may be just what you need!


What is the Under-Shepherd ministry?

The Under-Shepherd ministry is a prayer ministry that begins October 1st and ends September 30th.

What is an Under-Shepherd?

An Under-Shepherd is a lay person who has made a covenant promise to pray every week for those people included in his/her flock for one year.

Who can be included in the Under-Shepherd Ministry?

If you consider Christ Community Church your church home and you are either a member or regularly attend, you are eligible to participate! 

How do I get into an Under-Shepherd flock?

The easiest way to be included (prayed for) is to fill out the friendship card in the Sunday bulletin (or click the praying hands graphic above to register), providing your name and telephone number or email address. You will then be contacted for permission to be added to an Under-Shepherd flock. Once you have been added to a flock, your Under-Shepherd will contact you to let you know who they are and how best to reach them.

What is required of me?

Only your permission to be prayed for each week! You have the freedom to share prayer requests with your Under-Shepherd whenever you desire prayer cover. Whether you contact your Under-Shepherd or not, you will be prayed for every week! 

How do I find out who my Under-Shepherd is?

You will receive a card in your church mailbox (if you don't have a church mailbox, you may get a phone call, email or card in the US mail) sometime in October. If you joined the Under-Shepherd ministry during the year, you will be contacted by your Under-Shepherd soon after the coordinator contacts you for permission to be included. If you received your card in October and have forgotten who your Under-Shepherd is, contact the church secretary.

Contact Your Under-Shepherd

Click on your Under-Shepherd's name and email your prayer request directly!


Audrey Meyer     
Keith VonEnde